When the Blockchain Security Center was conceived in 2018, we had a few goals in mind to help companies, projects, and inventors around the world use blockchain and advanced cryptography safely. With over 50 commercial applications as well as work with some of the world’s largest exchanges, such as Crypto.com, our perspective as well as our integration into the ecosystem continues to grow.

In this article, we’ll introduce our integration with Crypto.com, which allows us to securely accept cryptocurrency payments from our customers.

Blockchain and the CIA Triad

We believe that blockchain is an important technology, capable of improving facets of the CIA Triad in information security as a starting point in every technology implementation.. 

  • Confidentiality – through privacy-preserving technology and encryption 
  • Integrity – through guaranteed truth of the blockchain
  • Availability through distributed copies of data

We not only work with the largest of companies, but also the smallest independent and open-source projects, helping them fuel their innovation in a secure manner.

Accepting Cryptocurrency with Crypto.com

As a publicly-traded company, we have the same challenges as others with directly accepting cryptocurrency as payment. 

Now that we have regulated and secure cryptocurrency services such as the one offered by Crypto.com, we were happy to integrate this process into our runbook for accepting payments. Companies wishing to do business in Europe or Asia with us can now work with us to receive their invoice on the Crypto.com platform and pay in the listed currencies. 

It is extremely important within our risk posture that our third-party partners meet international security standards. With Crypto.com complying with both ISO27001 and PCI:DSS, we felt comfortable with this integration.

Benefits of the Crypto.com Integration

  • We believe there are many benefits to this integration, including: reducing fees 
  • allowing our customer base to grow within the crypto and blockchain ecosystem
  • enabling easier mobile payments for smaller customers
  • allowing our global expert services to be utilized by those companies and countries that are traditionally unbanked  

As users hold more and more digital assets, we are working to be at the forefront of enablement, security, and acceptance.

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